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We are excited to announce our new branch of Professional IT Services - for a limited time, to our existing customers we are offering £500 voucher that can be used towards them, so get in touch now.

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Accelerate business change with Omniquad IT Consultancy

Though transitioning to a cloud-based IT model is a challenging task, it is a necessity for any modern business. Companies that adapt cloud technology are able to introduce and test new products faster than their competition as well as decrease costs of operation, while improving overall productivity.

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Contact us today to find out how you can simplify the process and accelerate your business's cloud migration. Our services allow businesses to reap all the benefits of a cloud-based IT infrastructure, including increased agility, low total cost of ownership, scalability and resilience among many others.

With our wide range of skills we can help with a specific part of the process or be there every single step of the way.

Get ahead

Consulting & Planning

There is no one-size-fits-all IT model, though the right system will decrease spending and increase productivity for any company, regardless of its industry or size. We work together with our clients to determine their IT requirements, figure out the best way to implement changes and create a detailed transition plan.

Cloud Transition

The task of moving data and computing capabilities to the cloud needs to be executed efficiently and securely. By trusting their transition to us, companies can minimize risk of data leaks, eliminate down-time and ensure they implement the most cost-effective options without sacrificing any IT capabilities.

Ongoing Support

Getting used to a cloud-based infrastructure can be quite difficult at first. Our ongoing support services provide a guarantee of success after the transition is complete. We are always ready to assist our clients, quickly solving any issues and answering any questions that may arise.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Assessing which model is right for a specific company is key to planning an effective cloud migration. We consider each business's specific needs to come up with the right strategy.

To learn about all the ways we can improve your IT infrastructure and help grow your business, contact us for an in-depth consultation.